When you have worked for a low cost charlotte escorts agency for a long time, you often start to wonder if you are ever going to be able to experience what I like to call a normal life. I know many girls who have left London escorts and never seem to have been able to settle down. They carry on doing other jobs within adult entertainment, but I would have to say that the vast majority really do struggle when it comes to settling down.

Looking at the lifestyle of some of my former London escorts colleagues, it has made me wonder what my own future is going to be like when I finally retire from London escorts. Am I a tart or marriage material? I am pretty sure that switching off my London escorts instincts is going to be pretty challenging. I love being a bit of a tart and chatting men up. I think that many other girls who work for escort agencies in London find that they have the same problem.

Would I like to leave London escorts? Yes, I guess that one day I may want to leave London escorts. At the moment, I have not specific plans to do so, but I do realise that I can’t spend the rest of my life working for an escort agency in London. If you also work as an escort in London, you will know what I am talking about. Many girls who have just joined probably don’t think that there are any downsides to escorting, but there certainly is.

One of the downsides of working for London escorts is that you drift apart from what I like to call real life. Girls who have worked as escorts often talk about not having a proper connection to life around them. I know what they mean. You often end up working late at night and you may not even see daylight for a long time. Clients often spoil you and show you the best London has to offer. As a result, you often feel that you don’t have any real connection to the world around you. For instance, almost all of my friends work as escorts in London.

Taking all of the aspects into consideration, there is little wonder why so many London escorts feel disconnected from society. Is this the reason why so many former escorts find it hard to settle down once they leave escorting? I am pretty sure that it is one of the reasons. Did you know that there are more MILFs in London than other major locations in the world? Maybe that is my future, I may end up as a MILF just like so many other escorts in London. But then again, what is wrong with being a MILF? Most of them seem to have a good time and don’t have to worry about being part of a boring 9-5 lifestyle.

Once I leave i am going to have a great family and settle down knowing that i will be secure from the money London escorts has given me to afford a fantastic lifestyle.

Would I Be Someone You Marry
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