Coming up with a creative way of using sex toys can be difficult. With only a few ways of achieving stimulation, one might think that a single toy is all they need. However, technology is always advancing. That means high tech sex toys are being designed now and then.
Nowadays, there are toys that are Bluetooth or app-controlled. This thus spices up things in long-distance relationships. Here are the best interactive sex toys that can be used wirelessly for magnified pleasure.

1. Lovense Domi Mini Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators are so versatile. And this one is no exception. Individuals can use it anywhere on their bodies, that is, your nipples, clit or anywhere you want stimulation. It is app-controlled meaning that one can use it anywhere there’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Plus, it features several vibrating patterns that can be synced to vibrate along with its rotating head or music.

2. Joy on Kegel Exerciser

With this app-controlled kegel exerciser, one can improve their pelvic floor muscles while engaging in a hot solo session. It easily slips into your vagina and sits intact against your G-spot, hence providing you with incredible vibrations whenever you’re using it. The app also guides you on how best you can do pelvic floor exercises and boost the health of your kegel muscles. This exerciser features 4 different massage type modes. Plus, its app can work as far as 16 feet, which means you can even use it with your partner.

3. Allovers Male Masturbator

Men who want to enjoy penetrative sex should use this stroker. Although it can’t be controlled from a distance, it’s interactive in a unique way hence making it perfect for solo masturbation.

Allovers stroker features 10 varying modes that range from soft caress to intense stroking. It also has a textured tunnel that mimics the shape and feel of a real vagina. Plus, it offers 145 degrees of movement hence one can use it in different positions. Additionally, it comes with three different moaning sounds, hence making it interactive. Thus it feels like you’re having sex with a real person.

4. Lovense Ambi Bullet Vibrator

Many people think that bullet vibrators are too simple to be interactive. But this silicone vibrator combines bullet stimulation and app technology making it very interactive. It is hammer-shaped allowing you to use either side of the toy for stimulation. Or you can even hand it to your escort/partner and give them control over your orgasms. Individuals can download over 5000 vibrations speeds on the app. What’s more, is that you can control it from anywhere in the world so as there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

Interactive sex toys revolutionize long-distance relationships. Although mostly used for masturbation sessions, you can also try them with your partner by letting him/her control the vibrations or the app or the toy itself.

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Four Interactive Sex Toys

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